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Q9. Are all the materials environmentally friendly?


Most of our products are exported to Europe and North America. All materials meet environmental standards ROHS. You can contact us to get the reports.

Q10. What format of drawings do we use?


In Better bright silicone rubber & plastic, We use software tools like CREO, AUTOCAD, MASTERCAM, etc. The general format of 3D and 2D is all welcome, such as STP, IGS, DWG, etc.

Q11. What are the applications of Better bright silicone rubber & plastic’s products?


Better bright silicone rubber & plastic mould products limited specializes in manufacture variety of silicone rubber parts according to your requirements. No matter what field you come from, once you provide the drawings or samples, we can surely made the quality products that meet your need.

Q12. What about the tolerance and dimensional precision?


As for the dimensional precision in Better bright silicone rubber & plastic, all the products can be made in ±0.03mm tolerance.

Q13. What is Liquid silicone rubber(LSR)?


Liquid silicone rubbers are addition-curing silicone rubbers consisting of two components (catalyst and curer) which are kept in separate containers. This allows the curing process to start at precisely the desired moment. Separating them further has the advantage of significantly improving the supply availability and shelf life of the raw materials.

Q14. What are the properties of liquid silicone rubber(LSR)?

  • High temperature resistance to approx. +200 °C

  • High cold resistance to approx. -40 °C whilst maintaining elasticity

  • Excellent ageing stability

  • Low compression set

  • High non-shrinking property

  • Wall fissures without compromising optics

  • Undercuts can be shown through forced demoulding

  • Safe for contact with blood

  • Excellent skin tolerance

  • Excellent extractable profile (lowest content of triggering substances)

  • Suitable for all common sterilisation methods

  • Match to various colors

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